A Pavilion and Three Potential Places

A Pavilion and Three Potential Places

Miroslav Geng Tin Sven Franić Lovorka Prpić Autori: Miroslav Geng, Tin Sven Franić, Lovorka Prpić
Publisher: Arhitektonski fakultet Sveučilišta u ZagrebuMjesto izdanja: ZagrebGodina izdanja: 2022ISBN: 978-953-8042-58-4
Katedra za arhitektonsko projektiranje
Kabinet za javne zgrade
The book entitled Pavilion and Three Possible Sites integrates problem
research, architectural design and journalistic work. The research deals
with the Đuro Đaković pavilion, one of the canonical works of post-war
Modernism in Croatia, built for the needs of the Zagreb Fair. The architects
think that the abandoned and dilapidated pavilion deserves revitalization
and relocation. The focus of the action shifts to the individual artifact,
and explores the pavilion performance at new sites (Bundek, Borongaj
Campus and Maksimir). The researchers suggest repairing and
renovating the existing pavilion structure and interior details. They reasonably
propose a new glass membrane, which should resemble the
original as close as possible. They approach the architectural heritage
from the architectural design perspective, analyze the potentials and
suggest effective action. Reflexivity and design-presentation precision
invested in this research and art project are impressive. The researchers
have shown that a creative architectural act need not result in the creation
of a new structure. Instead it may result from the re-articulation of
the existing one.