Prof. Zlatko Karač, MArch, PhD, was born in Vukovar in 1961 and took a degree at the Architecture Faculty (AF) of Zagreb University in 1987, where he also took his doctorate in Ottoman urban design and planning. He is full professor at the Urban Planning and Design Chair; he is scientific adviser, he was member of the doctoral course council and vice dean for science at the AF in Zagreb. He was also a member of Zagreb University Senate and the Technical Area Council. He has also taught at the Civil Engineering and the Forestry faculties, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, the Engineering Polytechnic in Zagreb and several post-graduate and doctoral courses. He deals with urban and physical planning, in particular with issues of conservation and heritage protection, the history of Croatian architecture and urban development. He has published more than 580 academic, specialised and popular works, including books, chapters in proceedings and monographs, entries in encyclopaedias, articles, communications at conferences, TV scenarios. He won the State Prize for Science in 2012, and, in 2016 and 2018, as part of a team of authors, the international Ranko Radović prize for a theoretical contribution to architecture, City of Zagreb Award in 2019, and art history Award Radovan Ivančević in 2019. He was head of publishing at the AF, has edited numbers of textbooks and books in the area of architecture; he was editor-in-chief of the academic journal Prostor (Space) [indexed in WoS, Scopus etc.] and editorial member of the restoration journal Portal. His designs have won prizes and been purchased at public competitions; he has exhibited at the Zagreb Salon, Exhibitions of Annual Works of the CAA, Beograd Salon, Novi Sad Salon of Architecture and others. He is also active in several professional associations (architects, archaeologists, art historians and conservators), is an authorised architect of the CCA, was a member of the Professional Council of the CAA, the Croatian Council for Cultural Properties, of the Croatian UNESCO Commission and the Commissions for the Evaluation of Architectural Designs of the City of Zagreb and Vukovar.