Srečko Pegan

Srečko Pegan

PhD, professor emeritus


Prof. dr. tech. sc. Srečko Pegan dipl. eng. arch. has been permanently employed as a teacher at Zagreb University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Town and Regional Planning and Landscape architecture. From 1997 to 2000 he was head of postgraduate studies of Town and Physical Planning and landscape Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of Zagreb. His main fields of research are physical planning and development, drawing up detailed town plans, industrial zoning theory and calculation methods for quantified town planning indicators. He was elected full professor in 2002. He wrote more books and published a large number of scientific and professional papers in indexed periodicals. He has lectured at scientific and professional symposiums and conferences. Pegan has been member of the Scientific Regional Council for Technical Sciences of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports since 2000 and member of the National Council for Spatial Planning of Government of the Republic of Croatia (2007-2013). He is member of the Croatian Academy of Technical Sciences, Association of Croatian Architects and Architects Society of the City of Zagreb. As executive editor, in 1992 he launched Prostor – scientific journal in Town Planning and Architecture, published by the Faculty of Architecture. Since the journal was launched he has been a permanent member of the editorial board. His professional work in 71 town-planning and architectural projects includes: 31 adopted physical plans, 34 original architectural designs of public and residential buildings, schools, factories, and several architectural designs of family houses and holiday houses. In 2014 is awarded with the highest award of University of Zagreb for science and education in a technical field " Fran Bošnjaković ".

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