Section of Project and Construction Management

The courses of the Section for Planning and Project Management comprise a wide range of topics such as management; procedures, activities and participants in the building process; planning and organisation of construction through technical and technological components which are mastered in the course Architecture and Integrated Disciplines and Architectural Design Studio 4; sustainable building and design of health care temporary accommodation buildings as the most complex buildings in architecture. All these topics are covered in the doctoral study programme. The courses also examine architectural practice, its structure and technology and architectural profession and education, as well as new life technologies, new types of buildings and new design parameters. The office explores the topic of architectural heritage on study field trips, in summer schools and in the doctoral study programme. Activities of the office also include publishing. In all its activities, the goal of the office is to show complexities of architectural profession and practice, as well as the position of the architect in coordinating work of other professionals and in an elaborate process of designing and constructing buildings.

Achieving proficiency in technical and technological aspects, equally important as all other aspects of architectural design, and defining clear relationships between functional, technical and formal criteria of design is the goal put forward by the office. In the present widespread use of new information and production technologies, new ways of communication in the design process and abandonment of two-dimensional drawing, the office has a tendency to introduce to students the concept of Building Information Modelling (BIM). Computer developed models of buildings become shared knowledge sources in the process of decision making about buildings- from the first conceptual stages, through the design process, to the construction and life cycle of the buildings. In that sense the office affirms its tendency towards integral architectural design.