Mateo Biluš, Dipl.Eng.Arch., was born in Split in 1962. He
graduated in 1988 from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb. In 1990–91 he attended the postgraduate study programme Architectural Heritage in Split and in 1991–94 he worked as researcher on the scientific projects Architectural Structures in the Service of Environmental Protection and the Criteria for Optimum Facade Design. In 1995 he obtained the position of lecturer at the Department of Architectural Structures and Building Construction. In 2000 he was elected senior lecturer and in 2010 assistant professor. He has taught the following practical courses at the Faculty of Architecture: Architectural Structures and Building Physics 1–4, Engineering Design Studio and the section in Studio 1 related to architectural structures (BA programme). He has been the coordinator of the structural section in Studio 4 and Architectural Structure Workshop (MA programme). He also teaches the courses in Architectural Structures and Materials 1 and 2 (BA programme) and Sustainable Building 1 and Practical Building Physics (MA programme).

He has created or collaborated in the creation of detailed facade designs for numerous buildings awarded in Croatia and abroad. He has created projects related to thermal and acoustic protection and energy sufficiency for more than five hundred buildings. In 2004 -09 he was a licensed design auditor for the building projects related to thermal and acoustic noise protections and energy sufficiency. He created detailed and renovation designs for structural components of buildings and performed supervision over the construction of several dozens of buildings. He also designed several interiors, family houses and residential buildings. He actively participates in the creation of a series of regulations pertaining to thermal and noise protection at the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning and the Ministry of Health. He teaches further education courses for licensed engineers and display energy certification officers.