Assistant Ana Sopina, M.Arch. was born in 1985 in Zagreb. In 2003 she enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb where she graduated in 2011.
She participated in teaching training courses of all undergraduate and graduate courses at the Department of Urban and Spatial Planning and Landscape Architecture, University of Zagreb, as a demonstrator from year 2007 till 2011 and as a honorary assistant from 2011 till 2016.
After completed study, she worked for 6 years professionally. Since 2017 she is employed as an assistant at the Department of Urban and Spatial Planning and Landscape Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb.
She holds lectures at the Postgraduate Specialits Study: Architecture and Urbanism; Spatial Planning, cycle: Strategic Planning and Sustainable Development (from academic year 2018/2019).
She is a PhD student of the Postgraduate doctoral scientific study: Architecture and Urbanism, at the Faculty of architecture, University of Zagreb, from academic year 2018/2019.
She participated in two national scientific research projects and one international scientific project:
Urban and Landscape Heritage of Croatia as Part of European Culture (2006-2013) led by Prof. Mladen Obad Šćitaroci, PhD;
Urban Emanation (2014-2018). Faculty of Architecture University of Zagreb with the financial support of the University of Zagreb, scientific and artistic research, lead by: Prof. Bojana Bojanić Obad Šćitaroci, PhD;
Heritage Urbanism – Urban and Spatial Planning Models for Revival and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage (2014-2018) HRZZ 2032, project leadership of Prof. Mladen Obad Šćitaroci, PhD;
SMART-U-GREEN – Governing conflicting perspectives on transformations in the urban rural continuum (2017.-2020.) lead by: Dr. Matthijs Hisschemoller, DRIFT.
She actively participates in scientific research in fields of spatial and urban planning and landscape architecture, with special interest in relationship of landscape and urban areas, and relation of urban development and public landscape spaces.
She published scientific articles, chapter in scientific book, papers in scientific and professional conferences with international review, and she participated in international and national conferences and colloquia (Barcelona, Istanbul, Zagreb, Pescara, Sebenico).
In her professional work she participated in projects of spatial and urban planning, urban study, project of landscape architecture renovation, architectural projects and architectural project on protected cultural heritage.
She is connecting dots between photography, architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, field research and scientific research.
‘What does the word Architecture intend to mean? At first, limiting it to the art of building could seem passive and, in an even more restricted way, concern just the house construction. But Architecture is almost implicitly everything which is structure and representation, from the rocks, the skeleton, from the structure of the atom up to the appearance of the spheres that are part of the planetary system. The man made efforts, using the elements that nature gave him, in order to modify and reorganize this same nature, created architectures that, by improving themselves, spread through the world, giving origin to new architectures, from the rock to the interplanetary satellite, from the cave to the sky-scraper, from the pendulous to the cathedral.“ Lina Bo Bardi, Contribuição Propedêutica ao Ensino da Teoria da Arquitetura, 1957.’